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Our Mission 

To rescue, rehabilitate and provide permanent sanctuary for at-risk horses who have typically been abandoned by the racing industry. To ensure healthy horses through rehabilitation, education and advocacy, while fostering a community where the horse and human bond is celebrated and nurtured. To provide eternal love for horses at Zorro's Crossing Horse Sanctuary.

About Us 

Operating as a 501(c)(3), we are dedicated to rescuing horses from exploitation, suffering, and slaughter. Our goal is to protect thoroughbreds through education and work to hold those who commit animal cruelty accountable.


What We Do at Zorro's Crossing

With love, with patience and with faith.


Change is possible!

Learn about our majestic creatures!

Did you know that a horses lifespan is 25-30 years? This longevity is one of the many reasons why we are so passionate about the aftercare of racehorses. These horses have such a long life to live full of love and proper care far beyond the racetrack!


See where our horses live!

Zorro's Crossing Horse Sanctuary sits on 68 acres of beautiful pastures and farmland in  Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, 31 miles south of Atlanta and 1.5 miles from the Serenbe community. Zorro’s Crossing has a charming 12-stall barn that is the forever home to our family of rescued and adopted horses. 

Special Events & Programs

Horsing Around


Read to the Rescues

The Wonder Program

Rescue Road Tour

Horse Olympics


Meet Our Horses!

Zorro’s Crossing is the forever home to 10 magnificent horses. At our sanctuary, these former racehorses are properly cared for, loved unconditionally and kept safe from all harm. 


As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Zorro's Crossing relies upon operates private donations from individuals and corporations to fund our operations. We also host community fundraising events and obtain assistance through planned giving and grants. We are fortunate to have a community of supporters and organizations with giving hearts that are ever willing to help raise awareness for animal welfare and show their support for our mission.  Please donate below if you would like to help our animals.

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