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Our Mission

To rescue, rehabilitate and to share our home forever with horses in crisis or tossed aside by racing ventures. To ensure healthy horses through rehabilitation, education, advocacy, and to inspire a community where the horse and human bond is celebrated and nurtured. To give a horse a permanent home and love eternal at Zorro's Crossing Horse Sanctuary.


About Us

Operating as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Zorro’s Crossing is dedicated to rescuing horses from exploitation, suffering and slaughter. We protect thoroughbreds through education and hold those who commit animal cruelty accountable. 


Zorro's Crossing Horse Sanctuary sits on 68 acres of beautiful pastures and farmland in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, just 31 miles south of Atlanta and 1.5 miles from the Serenbe community. Zorro’s Crossing has a charming 12-stall barn that is the forever home to our family of rescued and adopted horses. Many of our horses are being treated for injuries caused by trauma from racing, abuse and neglect. We work diligently to create individualized training programs for each of our rescues based on their health and recovery needs. Each day is spent focusing on the horse's recuperation and happiness.


Our horses love their daily grooming sessions and enjoy grazing on grass during the day. In the summer, we take the horses swimming in our lake and set up sprinklers in which the horses can cool off and play. We have multiple paddocks where we divide our herd based on who gets along best and, occasionally, we move the horses to different paddocks to make their interactions more interesting. At night, our horses are taken inside the barn, where they are safe and sound.


Zorro’s Crossing is full of beautiful trails for our horses. Some horses like to be ridden, others prefer to be unoccupied, or are unable to be ridden. Regardless, each horse can still enjoy the ambience and beauty of their home. Zorro’s Crossing also has its own Church and Meditation area where visitors are encouraged to enjoy a moment of reflection during a quiet walk or picturesque trail ride with a special horse. There is also a moving memorial by the lake for our horses that have passed away where we pay loving tribute to them.

Zorro's Crossing Namesake

One of Zorro’s Crossings founders, The Astrop Family, has a son with special needs. The Astrops started taking thier son to Hippotherapy lessons as a form of therapy and Zorro was the pony that her son learned to ride on.  The Astrops later found out that Zorro was lame and would soon be "retired” and needed a home. The Astrops didn’t think twice and adopted her son’s new best friend Zorro!

The Astrops kept Zorro and their other beloved pony Daisy, next door at their friend's farm. The family would drive thier boys from Atlanta to the farm at least 5 days a week to see the ponies.  Fate soon intervened, and the family ended up buying the farm next door which evolved into Zorro's Crossing!  A dream come true. When the Astrop family opened the gate from the farm next door to let the ponies cross over to their new farm, the horses galloped throughout the entire property in an amazing display of unbridled joy.  And that was “Zorro’s Crossing.” 

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